Android FREE PhotoSync App (Facebook&Dropbox)

Hi bloggers,

Here you can find a FREE Android App developed by me;


Click on this link to download

Product Description;
Using this app you won’t worry publishing your photos to Facebook and/or DropBox together.
This mobile app will publish your photos based on your interaction(manual publishing mode) or automatically (auto publishing mode) to Facebook and/or DropBox.Auto publishing Mode will give you the power of syncing your photos on two different platforms (Facebook and DropBox) at the same time. In order to do that you just only need to connect your accounts to this app and publishing will be handled automatically. This way for example while you are travelling and taking some nice cool photos, social publishing will be done on Facebook and one copy is also saved in DropBox.

Facebook/DropBox connection
Auto Photo Publishing to Facebook&DropBox
Manual Photo Publishing to Facebook&DropBox

Connecting DropBox;
Please select remember me in order to prevent connection problems.


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