How to kill processes on Windows backend

taskkill command is what you looking for;

first try with tasklist after


Image Name PID Session Name Session# Mem Usage
========================= ======== ================ =========== ============
System Idle Process 0 Services 0 24 K
System 4 Services 0 984 K
smss.exe 428 Services 0 68 K
wininit.exe 656 Services 0 116 K
services.exe 720 Services 0 7,768 K
lsm.exe 792 Services 0 3,136 K
Excel.exe 892 Services 0 93,136 K

After learning the process name just apply the following command
/im stands for image name “*” wildcards are also supported
/f stands for forcing
/t terminates child processes as well

C:\Users\tunatore>taskkill /f /im Excel.exe /t

more details

taskkill /?


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