How to use FilenameFilter by an example code

By running the following code, only the .log file will be listed by implementing FilenameFilter.

The vital method for this code is public boolean accept used to Filter all files inside a directory.


public class FileNameFilterExample{

 * @param FilenameFilter example
 public static void main(String[] args) {

 File c = new File ("C:\\");
 FileNameFilterExample mainClass = new FileNameFilterExample();
 FileNameFilterExample.FileNameFiltering filter = FileNameFiltering();

 String [] fileNames = c.list(filter);
 for(String fileName : fileNames) {


public class FileNameFiltering implements FilenameFilter {

 public boolean accept(File dir, String name) {
 // listing only .log files
 return name.endsWith(".log");



Sample output of the code;

a – Copy (2).log
a – Copy (3).log
a – Copy (4).log
a – Copy (5).log
a – Copy.log

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