Oracle’s Decode and Case usages

Let me give you a simple example like the below I have coded;

CASE usage;

SELECT firstname,lastname,
  WHEN customer_Id >= 0 AND customer_Id <= 1000 THEN ‘Regular Customer’
  WHEN customer_Id >= 1001 AND customer_Id <= 2000 THEN ‘Premium Customer’
  WHEN customer_Id >= 2001 AND customer_Id <= 3000 THEN ‘Corporate Customer’
  ELSE ‘Basic Customer’
FROM customers;

DECODE usage;

The following example, DECODE function takes customer_Id value and compare it with the second value which is NULL at this point and if they are equal then the third value (‘No Id was found’) replaced instead of using NULL.  If it is not NULL then the fourth column is used

–>syntax DECODE(colum_to_be_tested, test_expression,if_the_expression_is_TRUE,if_the_expression_is_FALSE)

SELECT firstname, DECODE(customer_Id,NULL,’No Id was found’,customer_Id), surname
FROM customers;


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