Oracle’s COALESCE function usage

COALESCE(expression1, expression2, expression(n)…)

–returns the first not NULL value in coalesce function list
–following example will return the address1 if is not null, or the second expression’s value will return
–if the address2 is NULL  then the last expression’s value ‘doesn’t have an address’ will return from the function

SELECT first_name, last_name, COALESCE(address1,address2,’doesn’t  have an address’ )
FROM employees
WHERE employee_id < 105;

FIRST_NAME           LAST_NAME                 HASANADDRESS                             
——————– ————————- —————————————-
Steven                     King                            doesn’t  have an address               
Neena                      Kochhar                    King St. …
Lex                          De Haan                     Main St. …                                      
Alexander                 Hunold                       Allday St. ..

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